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Projects Implemented In The Past And Recent Years

Working relationship with the Local Government

Policy Dialogues have been held since 2003. The main endeavors are to explore avenues for partnership between CSOs and the Greater Nebbi District Local Governments (Nebbi, Zombo and Pakwach) for increased effectiveness of development efforts to the utmost benefits of the poor. As a result of improved relationship, NDNGOF and other CSOs are recognized by Local Government.  The Forum is a member of the District OVC Committee, District Disaster Management Committee and District Water and sanitation Committee.  Overall, NDNGOF’s credibility has improved credibly

Partnership with Action Aid International Uganda (AAIU)-Nebbi Project Initiative since 2001.

This partnership has pushed NDNGOF many steps ahead. NDNGOf-AAIU partnership strengthened the institutional capacity of the Forum that enabled it to compete favorable and mobilise resources form other development partners notably European Union -Civil Society Capacity Building Programme (2006-2008) and eventually DANIDA (2007-2010) under the National District Support Programme.

Partnership with AAIU has also enabled the Forum to be at the forefront of advocacy initiative especially in Education, as a result, in some sub counties, of the district, (Kango and Erussi, performance in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) has improved.  Due to the advocacy agenda of the Forum, resource allocation by Higher and Lower local government has also improved, there has been provision of furniture, scholastic materials, as well as construction for classroom blocks.

Networking and Linkage

Due to efforts by NDNGOF, its Member Organisations (MOs) have been able to be linked for support and are tremendously benefitting from Capacity Building Support. MOs have been linked to PSI-Arua, Malaria Consortium Programme, Care International in Uganda-CECAG Programme under 9th EDF support to Decentralisation (MOs are Associates) and West Nile Anti- Corruption Coalition -MACCO-Arua

The 2 year (August 2006-June 2008) Funding support from European Union-Civil Society Capacity Building Programme (CSCBP)

It is believed that this has had a positive impact on the Civil Society Organisations in the Greater Nebbi as well as the local citizenry. With the programme, the Forum engaged and still engaging in Poverty Resource Monitoring, monitoring government programme such as UPE, NUSAF3 and PMA, Health services. As a result, Transparency and Accountability has improved in Primary Schools, Health Centres and sub counties local government, resources such as classroom blocks and sanitary facilities have been provided by lower local governments as well as the community, and community roads have been opened

The 4 year support from DANIDA-National District Network support programme (NDNSP)-2007-2010

This program further strengthened the human resource capacity at the Forum (Secretariat), improved governance (Regular Board and AGM meetings) and offered capacity building opportunities for MOs in areas such as Proposal Writing and Book Keeping. It also enabled the revival of CSOs engagement along thematic areas as a result, advocacy agenda are easily realized

West Nile Anti-Corruption Coalition-MACCO based in Arua

NDNGOF participated actively in the formation of West Nile Anti-Corruption Coalition-MACCO based in Arua to champion corruption issues in West Nile region and is represented on the board and governance Council.

training and follow-up on Community Monitoring Groups

NDNGOF got funding from 2018 to date from Inspectorate of Government (IG)to train and follow-up on Community Monitoring Groups (CMGs.  This is in line with monitoring all government programmes/projects in the Greater Nebbi