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Membership To NDNGOF

Membership Fees

Membership/ Registration Fee = 20,000= (across the board to all members).

2. Annual subscription Fees

A) CBOs (CSO operating in 1 sub-county only) = UGX 25,000=

B) Local NGO (CSO operating in more than 1 sub-county, but 1 District) = UGX 50,000=

C) Regional NGO (CSO operating in more than 1 District within West Nile) = UGX 75,000=

D) National NGO (CSO operating in District outside West Nile) = UGX 100,000=

E) International NGO (CSO operating outside Uganda) = UGX 150,000=

NB: All fees subject to revision by AGM or recommendation of Board

Membership Benefits

1. Freedom to elect or be elected to the Forum Office (Board Members)

2. Participation in Forum activities

3. Legal and technical support in official litigation

4. Joint advocacy for change in communities

5. Capacity Building of members

7. Joint Implementation of thematic Projects in consortia 

8. Networking and partnership building.

9. Information sharing

10. Synergy in civil society works

Membership Registration Form

Download and fill in the membership form below, or fill in the application online

Inventory Form

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List Of Member Organisations

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Online Membership Registration Form